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me Art Bio of Stacey Carlson, Cedar Grove, Wisconsin

Stacey started drawing and painting when she was about 10 years old. Born and raised on the edge of the countryside Stacey fell in love with the landscape around her. Throughout the years Stacey has studied with several different artists utilizing oils and acrylic paints. While in college, she also studied photography and became a professional photographer. About five years ago she made the transition from traditional painting materials to digital painting. The tools Stacey uses allow her to utilize her own photographs for the base image and mix digital paint on a tablet while applying that paint to a digital canvas using a pen tool. It’s a fabulous mix of traditional and modern painting techniques.  She finds inspiration in the works of Constable, Turner, Rembrandt, Hopper, and Emile Gruppe among others. Stacey sells her art at local art fairs and via in person appointments.

Stacey's photography website: www.haywoodlodgephotography.com

Stacey can be reached via phone or email.